Friday, May 29, 2020

Where's The 2020 Summer Reading List???

June 1 update -- The High School list is published!  Junior High is guaranteed to be published by Friday afternoon.  This year the lists are going to be digital only, but in two layout versions.  One is horizontal (as in previous years): two columns per page, better for printing and for viewing on a computer screen.  The other version is new this year. It's a one-page-at-a-time vertical layout, and it works really well when downloaded to a mobile device into the iBooks or Kindle apps. 

One advantage of digital -- color covers!

AARRRGGGHHH!  It's on the way, I promise.  Online school is its own particular time warp, and I'm running behind (according to earth year timing).  The plans are laid, but the typing is delayed.

The Summer Reading booklets for Junior High and High School are in the works, and the publication goal is June 1.  You can always refer to the 2019 booklets if you're looking for reading recommendations (last year's good books will be good books this summer too!), but if you're anxious to find out what the 2020 reading requirement for your grade might be, click on the images below for downloadable pdfs.

Junior High School 

The in-a-nutshell info is: all rising 7th and 8th graders are to read The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora, and complete one project based on what happened in the story.  Junior high students should also read 3 additional books (fiction or non-fiction, it's up to you), and complete a response form for each one.

2029 JH preview p1
2020 JH Summer Reading

High School

Rising 9th & 10th students can choose their reading from within a general category specified by the English department. Rising 11th & 12th graders may have specific requirements assigned by their fall 2020 English teacher.  All high school students should read a minimum of 3 books, a combined total of required reading and free choice books.