Friday, November 16, 2018

Thankful for New Books!

Yikes!  We're almost to Thanksgiving without a single blog update.  Yes, things have been happening in the Big Kids' Library, but I'm not as good about keeping up here. 

One of the biggest events of the Library year happens in the fall -- the Library Book Sale held on Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and then again at the Fall BBQ the following day.  This is an exciting event for many reasons.  We (the librarians) get to select a huge number of the most awesome new books, we get to display them to the whole school plus a number of wonderful visitors and we get to talk about our collections and why we chose the displayed books.  And then, members of the community get to show their support for our library programs by donating to the library the price of books they select.   We created personalized bookplates for all donated books, and "honorees" get first dibs for two weeks.

Elementary librarian Natalie Bernstein and I spend a large amount of time selecting books that not only support teacher curricula and student learning needs, but that will speak to the diversity of our world and of the human experience, making sure our community has access to reading that will help their hearts as well as their minds to grow. 

From a new non-fiction work on the Vietnam War, or the latest YA fantasy novel, to a gender studies handbook or the new Black Panther comic, we're proud of our collections and love this annual opportunity to show them off.

Below is just a sampling of the new books joining the Junior High and High School library collection this fall.  I hope you're as pleased as I am.


(links go to book descriptions in Goodreads)
All the JH & HS Book Sale books
on display in the library.


Race and Gender Studies
Anderson, Carol and Tonya Bolden.  We Are Not Yet Equal: Understanding Our Racial Divide  (Young Readers adaptation of White Rage)
Mathison, Ymitri, ed. Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction. (scholarly criticism)


Fiction (grownup and YA)
Acevedo, Elizabeth. The Poet X.  (YA) (2018 National Book Award, young reader)
Jackson, Joshilyn. The Almost Sisters.
Chakraborty, S. A. The City of Brass.
Dray, Stephanie & Laura Kamoie. My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton.
Hughes, Dean. Four-Four-Two. (YA)
Ness, Patrick.  And the Ocean Was Our Sky.  (Moby Dick according to the whales; illustrated)
Owens, Delia. Where the Crawdads Sing.
Quigley, Dawn.  Apple in the Middle (YA)


Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Even Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.  Katharine Wilkinson (Paideia '01), Senior Writer.
Redding, Anna Crowley.  Google It: A History of Google.
Partridge, Elizabeth.  Boots on the Ground: America's War in Vietnam. (YA)
Stewart, Jefrey C.  The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke (2018 National Book Award)


Graphic Novels
Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Speak: The Graphic Novel. (new edition of the 1999 classic YA novel of the aftermath of a high school sexual assault)


En Español
Green, John.  Mil Veces Hasta Siempre (YA, translation of Turtles All the Way Down)
Shetterly, Margot Lee. Talentos Ocultos (translation of Hidden Figures)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. El Libro de la Alegría (translation of The Book of Joy)