Friday, April 1, 2016

Musings (or, Spring Break Approaches)!

I was a little bit late walking over to the high school assembly yesterday morning, and as I approached the theatre this scene just bowled me over -- maybe 100 backpacks fairly neatly stacked up outside, waiting confidently for their proper owners to come collect them in 45 minutes.  Just through the lobby doors was a repeat scene.  Around here it's a common sight, but having been to a big public high school for a meeting the night before, I realized again how fortunate we are to enjoy this level of trust in our community.

And only a little bit ironic, since the assembly speaker was J. Tom Morgan, former Dekalb County District Attorney and powerful legal advocate for young people.  It's been a few years since J. Tom last spoke at Paideia, so 75% of the high school had not heard his important message for teens -- "ignorance of the law is no defense."   Spring break, and soon graduation festivities, are coming up, and it's a good time to remind teens in Georgia (where 17-year-olds can be prosecuted as adults) of the life-altering difference a birthday can make!   High school students and parents -- we have a copy in the library, so come check it out.

The days before spring break is also an active time in the library.  Groups of students gather during breaks to prepare for the inevitable "before holiday" tests, quizzes and assignment due-dates.  There's often a cluster of students with iPads around the printers, waiting for a final draft to come out (the stapler usually needs refilling around now too).  The most fun part (for me, and probably for them too) is the re-appearance of the faithful reading customers, having been submerged in schoolwork since the end of short term, now seeing a little room to breathe -- and to read for fun!!! 

I'm gathering all my spring break reading, and downloading some audiobooks & podcasts for the drive.  I always take too much, but it's better than running out!

Right now, it's time to go, so no time to carefully import images and links.  Have a fabulous week, read lots, and enjoy.