Friday, January 18, 2013

Hot Reads for Cold Days

Winter in Atlanta is always weird. Really. Always.  Temperatures can bounce from 65°F to 20°F from day to day, trees will bud unhealthily early, and then we'll have a 2" snow!  The past 3 weeks or so have been mostly gloomy, cloudy and lots of rainy.  This week was more gloom, with a freaky warm front and rain, followed by a cold front, followed by a warm front and rain, followed by a crazy cold front that dumped a foot of snow in Mississippi, for pete's sake!

But when it's cold, being inside is good.  Being inside with hot chocolate or peppermint tea is better, and being inside with a hot drink and a good book is best.  The new book display says it all.  Happily, I've even had to replace a few as displayed titles get checked out.


I hope you find a hot read for this weekend, and enjoy!