Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The official May-June READ poster is here.

Paideia Comics, the 2009 yearbook, is astonishing and wonderful. The student staff works very hard, but publication would never happen without the incredible work and dedication of the Yearbook teacher/coordinator/chief-cook-and-bottle-washer. Congratulations, Janet, for a superb book!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alex Award Self-Challege Update

Books I have read but not yet written about:

The Good Thief -- good book, kind of Dickensian/Oliver Twist-ish. Has a young protagonist, AND would be a fine book for junior high & up.

Three Girls and Their Brother - my favorite of the bunch. Light but not fluffy, a fast, fun read told in the voices of the four protagonists.

The Oxford Project - this is a very cool coffee-table sized book of b&w photojournalism. It's a study of small-town America, of hopes, dreams, how things change & how things remain the same.

Six out of ten read. I'm halfway through City of Thieves, and we just got Dragons of Babel this week. Then there's the Stephen King short story collection, and my college classmate Hillary Jordan's Mudbound. I think that one's going on the plane with me to the 25th college reunion.

I'm going to give myself an incomplete for the project, and an extension to the end of summer. Phew!