Thursday, October 26, 2017

What Elementary Teachers Are Reading

I am a library intern this year and will be making a few guest post throughout the year. - Catherine London

For this blog post I went around the elementary school classroom and took pictures of all the books teachers are reading. You can take a look at what they are reading here. When you are walking around campus you can be sure to take note; they have some pretty interesting choices.

Patrick Dougherty

Becki Veal - Admissions

David Millians
Elizabeth Copeland

José Cordero

Miranda Dillard - Music

JoJo Cadray

Becca McCauley

Kaela Nicholson

Annie Perry

Sanidia Oliver

Emily Austin 

Alessandra Ribeiro

Emily Schreck

Brian Eames

Natalie Bernstein

Diana Lockwood

Kristi Budd

Brooke Marty

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What Teachers Are Reading in the High School

Anna's note - Robert and Catherine are both doing internships in the library this school year.  Look for more guest posts from them in the near future.

Hello all! For this blog I went around the high school and took pictures of what the teachers are reading. I noticed that some teachers liked fiction, some liked non-fiction, and some weren't reading anything at all. Please read and see what your teachers are reading throughout the high school. This blog also has the subject each teacher is teaching in the caption if you want to compare or just know.

Robert Pickel
Library Intern

Marianne Hines - English and Writing Lab
Brian Meeks - Senior Systems Administrator
Mike Emery - Athletic Director
Stacey Winston - Assistant Coordinator
Brett Hardin - High School Coordinator and Social Studies
Sarah Schiff - English
Gavin Drummond - English
Melissa Mckay-Hagan French and Spanish
Jack Bross - Mathematics
Jack Bross - Mathematics
Rachel Peterson - Dean of Students
Jeanne Lee - Social Studies
Barrington Edwards - Social Studies
Mark Schmitt - Mathematics 
Beth Schild - Mathematics
Ansley Yeomans - Mathematics
Tally Johnson - English
Lindsay Reid - Biology
Magnus Edlund - Biology and Chemistry
Miranda Knowles - Biology
Eddy Hernandez - French and Spanish
Amanda Sautter - Biology
Natalie Rogovin - Social Studies
Jim Veal - English
Joy Lewis-Mendez - Spanish
Joanna Gibson - French
Rosalinda Ratajczak - Math