Friday, April 25, 2014

More Poetry on the Edge
from Bonnie & Uri's Class

Last Friday, a group from Bonnie & Uri's homebase came to the library to create their own Edge Poems.  At the end of the period, poems by Keb and Margot were voted the top two of the group.  Well done, class!  All of the poems are on display in the Library through the beginning of next week. 

"After the War" by Vinay

"Broken Pieces"  by Laney

"Champion" by Lulu

"Death" by Stella

"Enchanted"  by Haley

"Forever Free" by Tom H.

"Hopes and Fears" by Lindsay

"I'm Not Scared"  by Margot

"Me and Them"  by Olive

"Regret"  by Stella

"Silence"  by Haley

"The Different Ones"  by Stella

"The End"  by Erin Rose

"Twisted" by Alison

Untitled Poem   by Keb

"What A Wonderful World"  by Matthew

"Lost"  by Joanie

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