Thursday, May 1, 2014

Poetry Month Finishes With A Flurry of Poetry

On Tuesday afternoon, on the final day of National Poetry Month, Jennifer Swift's 8th graders came to the library to create their own edge poems.  Several students created more than one poem, and Jennifer participated as well.  In all, 25 poems were 'written' during the visit.  Two winners and two runners up were chosen from the group.  Thanks to all students and teachers who contributed to a wonderful Month of Poetry.

Winner - "Hitler"  by Jordy

Winner - "9/11" by Daywe

Runner Up: "The She"  by Zach

 Runner Up - "Realization"  by William

"Killing Secrets"  by Nailah

"Lost Flight"  by Nailah

"Skeletons in My Family Closet"  by Jada

"When the Night Comes"  by Jada

"Wonder" by Zach

"Torn" by Emery

"Misery"  by Carly

"No One Has Answers"  by Jada

"Not What It Seems" by Ryan

"Rebel"  by Camille

"Rebel"  by Daywe

"Shadow Talk" by Griffin

"Teacher" by Charlotte

"The Story of Women's Past"  by Jada

"Awaken"  by Nick

"Bastard Born"  by Alice

"Black Warrior" by Daywe

"Crumbling" by Griffin

"Forced Out"  by Hope

"Teaching Middle School" by Jennifer Swift

"Becoming Mama"  by Jennifer Swift

Thank you for reading our poetry! I hope you've enjoyed the junior high poetry month work.  Do you have a favorite?

ps - May is Mystery Month.

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