Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Is The Edgiest Month --
(Edge Poetry, That Is)

Yes, National Poetry month has come again, and the library is sponsoring a couple of different activities in celebration. First is the return of Poetry on the Edge, featuring student and faculty "found poetry," written with titles on book spines.  Junior high classes are scheduling time to come to the library, browse for ideas, and create their own "edge poems" from our collection.  Greg's 7th graders came on Monday, and next week Jennifer's 8th graders plan to come.  The poetry is on display in the library, and will soon expand to the display cabinets in both the high school and the junior high commons!

Another poetry celebration is the return of Pocket Poems.  Every day or so, I'll be posting a poem somewhere on campus in a lift-up "pocket." Inspired by "Poem in Your Pocket" Day (April 24, 2014 - we may do this as well!), many of the pocket poems are favorites submitted by teachers.

Send in Your Poems! - If you're inspired, create an edge poem from your own book collection, take a photo and send it to me (with a title). and your photographed poem will go on display as well.  And if you'd like to suggest a pocket poem, email me or add it in the comments.  I hope you will!

Edge poetry by Greg's 7th graders.  Click the photo for a larger image of each poem.

"Silence" by Sarah

"A Journey in the Badlands" by Sam

"The Colors of Diversity" by Cory

"Coming Home" by John B.

"Dark Happiness" by Victor

"From Darkness Comes Light" by Josh

"From Nothing to Something Better"  by Matthew

"In Darkness"  by Hunter, Fernanda and Kendall

'Inner Waters' by Kendall

'No Turning Back'  by Margot

"Sirena" by Kendall, Fernanda and Hunter

"The Great Awakening" by Hunter

"This Side of Paradise" by Fernanda

"To Conquest the Greatest Are Born" by Hector

"Truth" by Eliza

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