Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a Picture Book!
Student Work on Display in the Library

Each year, students in Joanna's French 2 class create children's livres en images as an end-of-term project.  It's such fun to then display these picture books in the library, so students from across the high school can see their friends' work in public.

Every now and then, a student is hit with inspiration and really dives into the assignment.  This year, 9th grader Caroline Dresser went far beyond the minimum requirements to complete her picture book, creating an absolutely charming full-color, hand-painted (acrylic on textured hardboard) book that simply must be shared.

C'est Cochon par Caroline Dresser
If you can't play Flash media in your browser, click this link to go to the slideshow in Picasa.

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