Thursday, March 21, 2013

High School Reading Club Launches

Very exciting -- a group of 9th graders wanted to know why there's not a High School Reading Club.  So we talked, they gathered a group of avid readers, and we're doing it!  I came up with a short list of 6 or 7 titles (criteria: fun recreational reading, NOT a lit-class-type book, not too long, in paperback). We'll meet for the first time after spring break and see how it goes. 

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Dear Readers --

Paperback cover
The first high school reading club book is Ready Player One, a future-dystopian-video-game-action-thriller.  Welcome to the USA in 2040, where reality isn't so great.  Luckily, there's The Oasis, a massive online virtual universe, where you can go to school, travel, make friends and even fall in love.  The creator of The Oasis has died, and left a massive treasure hidden on some planet, somewhere in this virtual world.  Wade's whole life pretty much revolves around deciphering clues and solving the puzzle of the treasure, but when he (sort of accidentally) passes the first test, he finds out that The Corporation will stop at nothing (as in NOTHING) to get to the treasure first.

Hardback cover

Reading Club is open to all Paideia high school students.  Contact me for more information, or to get on the email list for updates.

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I'd love to hear any comments or questions.  Have you read Ready Player One?  What ideas do you have for reading club books? Parents, is your student interested and missed the announcement?  

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