Friday, January 13, 2012

Bizzy Bees

Paideia's first ever elementary Spelling Bee was held this morning in the library meeting space. Twenty-one 4th, 5th & 6th graders gathered to joust with letters and words. Competition lasted through fourteen rounds, with two spellers left. The runner-up speller, who had correctly spelled "frabjous" in the previous round, was knocked out of the round by "dalliance," while the winning speller fought his way through "Chihuahua" (not his favorite pet). I, for one, will always remember how to spell this breed's name with this trick -- CHEE-HOOA-HOOA.

In order to win, the last speller standing then had to correctly spell one more word, completing a final round of one. Had MR ever seen or heard the word "jocundity?" Doesn't matter, because this kinesthetic speller got it right, with a strategy of writing out words in the air and 'seeing' how they're spelled.

Congratulations MR & LH! They can go onto the Independent Schools competition at Woodward Academy in February. We also have 2 alternates, who made it to round 13 before missing a word. Great spelling from all 21 contestants. I hope we hold the spelling bee again next year.

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