Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Summer Reading Ideas

If you've been through Paideia's Summer Reading Lists and still need more ideas for what to read next, check out the Summer Reading 2010 posts at the blog Rebecca's Pocket. Blogger Rebecca Blood has put together a list of links to a dizzying variety of reading lists and articles.

How about "Summer Titles that Will Take You Back in Time" from Maureen Corrigan at NPR? Or "Good Books Almost Nobody Has Read," a New Republic article from 1934. Or "Great Expectations: Sixteen Reads the Book World is Betting On," an article from the Wall Street Journal that gets you all excited to read books that aren't even published yet (but will be over the summer).

For kids and younger teens, check out "The Summer 2010 Children's Indie Next List" from the American Booksellers Association (the other ABA), or "Top Ten Summer Reading Lists for Kids and Teens: 2010" from About.com, an annotated list of links to yet more great reading lists.

So many books, so little time. Even in the summer. Happy Summer Reading!

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