Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Outside the Library Window

The whole north wall of the vaulted library Great Room is clear glass windows, looking out across Oakdale Park to Ponce de Leon. The view in spring and fall, when the flowering trees are in bloom or autumn leaves are blazing, is especially awesome. Winter is a good time to notice and appreciate the shape and forms of the gigantic oak trees in the park.

Today, a junior high teacher and I were in the office brainstorming an upcoming research project. From way across the library, I caught sight of a man walking in a tree! Instantly distracted, the teacher and I dashed to the window and watched as this arborist, belayed from a much higher branch, strolled out on a limb, whipped out a handsaw, and cut off the end of the branch he was standing on. Cool.

Learning in the library can happen in so many differnt ways.

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