Monday, February 8, 2016

A Month of Awesome People

It's February, and we showcase African American history this month, even though, as one of my display signs states -- Every Month is African American History Month!  Black lives, and black achievements, matter -- 24/7/365.  But just like it's nice to have a birthday that's your special day, it's nice to have a special month for showcasing the incredible history of US citizens.

This display faces the entry doors of the library (on the wall next to the Learning Specialists' room).  Can you name all 10 of these women from their accomplishments and faces?  If so, come see me -- there's a prize!

Massive thanks to elementary librarian Natalie Bernstein, from whom I nicked both the idea and the list. Check out her bulletin board over in Python Hall.

Don't know them all yet?  Click here for info on all 10!

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