Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading Club Today: Jennifer Government by Max Barry

The group had mixed opinions on  Jennifer Government. Some loved it 'cause Jennifer is "totally kicka$$." Some liked it but didn't get into it soon enough to finish. Some finished but were kind of underwhelmed -- wanted more character development and a timeline to keep all the plotlines straight!

I have always loved this book because it's satirically hilarious in a dry way, and the corporatizm and capatalizm it skewers follow along with my own feelings on the topic. Plus, Max Barry is an Australian married to a librarian -- what's not to love??? (more about that when I tell you about Lexicon, Barry's 2014 Alex Award novel).

Max Barry's third novel, Company, is also in the Paideia Library.

Info and Links for Today's Club Discussion

Max Barry answers reader questions from Goodreads

Review in the New York Times

Long interview with Max Barry (2005)

NationStates - an online game written by Max Barry (really!) to promote Jennifer Government

Max Barry's website

Jennifer Government extras -- from Max Barry's website (see how the cover got from bad to awesome!)

Trailer for Lexicon, Max Barry's most recent novel

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