Monday, June 6, 2011

More Reading Recommendations

The Elementary Summer Reading List is now online. Whether you're looking for picture books for your babysitting clients, great gifts for little ones, or wanting to catch up on great children's novels you might have missed, the Elementary list is for more than just the K-6 set. Click on the cover image to download the PDF edition of the Elementary list now.

There is no way that any one list (or even three awesome annotated school lists) can include all the good books that are worth reading over a summer. Even the big name lists don't all agree! So in the event that you are still looking for reading suggestions, you may enjoy the articles below:

The Stars of Modern SF Writers Pick the Best Science Fiction (in The Guardian)

Summer Fiction: Around the World in 24 Books (in The Telegraph)

Books to Bury Yourself In (in The New York Times)

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