Friday, November 5, 2010

When You're Driving By At Night,
Look Up to Your Right . . .

Autumn has definitely arrived. Just a few minutes ago I looked out our front windows to see glorious sunlit red, yellow and green leaves whooshing about in a chilly strong breeze. Nature is some kind of talented artist.

But I have been completely remiss in not celebrating the wonderful, custom-made art given to the library by Paideia grandmother and library volunteer Leah Wini Steiner. Anyone who's been in the library greatroom knows that, while it's a gorgeous lofty space, it's not exactly designed for sound control, and the high walls are spartanly empty. Last spring I mentioned wanting some "monumental" art for those high spaces, and right away Wini, an artist, crafter and Paideia Quilter, volunteered to create a quilted hanging specifically designed for our library walls.

You can see the personalized touches in the photo -- our dictionary stand, the globe, a floral nod to our gigantic coffee table art book on Georgia O'Keefe, complete with white book easels. Never fear -- the sleeping python in a basket is only symbolic. We do NOT have an actual live snake in the library!

What doesn't show in the picture are the hand-lettered titles on all the book spines. This textile library includes The Language of Life, Emma, Candide, and Do Penguins Have Knees? (actual titles we own!)

The beauty of this quilt that's not apparent to the daily users of the library, even those who appreciate the natural art on display through the front windows, is how great it looks from the outside. On these fall and winter evenings, the building is still busy and brightly lit after dark, but for years passers-by who looked have seen an expanse of pale green nothing. Now, there's a vibrant spot of color that adds life to the scene.

If you see Wini, or members of her family (Moey, Mindy Stombler or Nate Steiner), thank her for everything she gives. We all gained when Wini joined the Paideia family.

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Mindy said...

Thanks for the lovely post! Love the python on the quilt.