Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scenes from the Library

Most days, when high school students aren't supposed to be somewhere else (class, assembly, or sports), a huge number of them come to the library. A typical day will have us packed before school, pretty quiet during 1st & 2nd periods, full at break (and full to overflowing on Wednesday's 45 minute activity period), then somewhat quieter during 3rd period. Fourth period is a big study hall, so we will have 10-15 students studying or using the computers. Lunch is usually pretty hopping, and 5th & 6th vary. And that's before scheduled classes come in for research projects & lessons.

We also have Peter & Sydney's 4th & 5th grade artist project showing right now. The highlight of each students project is a "forgery" done in the style of the artist. I'd like to keep quite a few of them to hang on my walls!

Click the "play" button to see a slideshow of what it can look like in here on any given day.

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