Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's On Your Table??

I just put up a new book display near the Reading Room. The theme is "What's On Your Table This Holiday Season? Think about it."

At Paideia we've been thinking deeply about food, sustainability and nutrition (and for my family I would add "nurturing" to that list). The Green Team's sustainable, no-waste Feast was a great success and we've got serious composting underway. The library has just added Michael Pollen's new book, In Defense of Food, to the collection, joining The Omnivore's Dilemma, Fast Food Nation and several other titles on food and food industry in the United States.

The display showcases these books, as well as several of the many different cultural and regional cookbooks we own (check 641.5 in both the JH/HS and Elementary libraries!) Food cooked at home, from scratch, is a fundamental part of changing food culture and industry for the better. Come by and check out a cookbook, or a thinking book, and start planning what will be on your table at your holiday celebrations.

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