Tuesday, March 27, 2007

En Route to the Library-on-a-Camel's-Back

The Paideia Library's donation to the Camel Bookmobile is on its way. You can see below some of the wonderful books that went in the box.

I learned that indeed, there is a special rate for sending books overseas, in an M-bag. The box of books goes into a special canvas bag with destination labels inside and outside, and 11 lbs. goes for only $11.55! (it probably goes over by trans-Atlantic turtle, but it does get there eventually). Not all countries accept M-bags (Kenya does), so check before you box up books for overseas shipping. This is a great discovery -- I'm very pleased to have found a home for extra copies of books that the Padeia community has enjoyed.


Masha said...

THANK YOU so much for your donation; the books look wonderful.

Best, Masha Hamilton

PiLibrarian said...

Thanks to you, Masha, for starting such an intriguing project. Do you think the library system will recruit another camel? I'll look forward to checking the news on your site.